The Advantages of Breakfast Club Economics

As someone who is constantly looking to make a full-time income out of everything to do with food, cooking and healthy-living in general, I’ve set out to explore the many angles with which I could approach this attempt at establishing what would naturally be a lifestyle business. The thing is it becomes part of your natural preparation process to want to be involved at every step along the way, when you’re putting together some meal that you and anyone else who would be eating it would be proud of. This is especially true if that meal is being paid for by the person who is going to be eating it.

So some of the behind-the-scenes work would entail something like one day visiting the supposed source of the tomatoes which go into the making of your tomato sauce. You want to find out if they really owe their taste to the organic farming conditions under which they’re said to be cultivated. This is just one of many examples, of course.

What I really want to get at is a community-based business operational structure that I uncovered while on this quest to turn my passion into a full-time income. We’re talking here what is referred to as Breakfast Club Economics, but I don’t think that’s the official term, if of course it even has an official term. These things never really do…

So anyway, there are many advantages to Breakfast Club Economics, perhaps the most telling of which is how it encourages a community-based approach to the pursuit of a good standard of living.

Breakfast Club Economics in a Nutshell

A breakfast club is perhaps the ultimate model of what community development should look like and it entails the practice of neighbors within a specific community all putting their resources together to enjoy a daily breakfast in the presence of each other. Naturally not everybody will be sitting down to eat at the designated venue at the exact same time each day, but that’s exactly what it is – it’s community members pooling the money they would have otherwise spent individually in preparation of breakfast each day and then hiring one or more of the available community members to manage the sourcing of ingredients and preparation of a buffet-style breakfast each day.

Each member can then walk in every morning and enjoy a breakfast that encompasses the widest variety of food they could ever enjoy, every single day of the year.

This brings the community together in more ways than one and it’s interesting to note how at certain times of the morning you’d find more of the senior citizens who are part of the Energy Workers Compensation Program start to trickle in, while the younger professionals only really get to interact with them when they’re not rushing off to get to work, such as over the weekends.

Immense savings result from the subsequent bulk-buying power of such breakfasts clubs, which if they have astute leaders go on to consolidate on these savings by direct investment in the various markets and industries that produce the ingredients which form part of their breakfast club operation.