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Reasons for Choosing Organic Cheese Over Other Options

There are a wide variety of cheeses to choose from. The price depends on the type and quality of the cheese. Regardless of the kind of cheese you choose, you need to make sure that you stick with organic products only. These options might be more expensive, but they are worth it. These reasons will convince you to buy organic cheese like the ones sold at Godminster Farm Shop.

Organic cow feed only

The type of food given to the cow that produces the milk used in making the cheese is crucial. Organic cheese comes from cows that only received grass and other products that did not use pesticides or herbicides. Since the cows did not receive exposure to these toxic materials, you have the guarantee that the cheese is safe for your family.

Cows need to eat grass and not grains. However, some cows receive grains which they can still eat. The problem is that they start growing acid-resistant bacteria. As a result, they could be susceptible to E. coli, and when humans drink the milk coming from infected cows, they could also be at risk.

No growth hormones used

Sometimes, people raising cows to obtain milk try using growth hormones to expedite the production of milk and increase the quantity of milk produced. Aside from resulting in artificial milk production, it is also not a good idea for the cows. They will develop mastitis which is a painful infection. Drinking milk from cows that received growth hormones could also lead to breast cancer in humans.

No antibiotics used

Antibiotics are usually for the treatment of diseases among cows. They could also lead to quicker growth of animals. As such, instead of preventing the spread of bacteria, overuse of antibiotics could lead to the exact opposite. There are approved antibiotics that are safe for treating illnesses without having a negative impact on the cow and the milk it produces.

Higher concentration of Omega-3

The milk coming from cows that received organic grass has a high level of Omega-3, which is a set of healthy fatty acids which are suitable for the development of the brain and the healthy function of the heart. If you heard of healthy fats before, Omega-3 is a perfect example. You can also find it in other food sources.

You will receive more nutrients

When you choose milk coming from cows that only ate grass, it contains higher concentrations of Vitamin A, D and B-12. Calcium, protein and other minerals are also higher. Therefore, if you are searching for fresh cheese, choose the organic version.

Given all these reasons, you need to consider buying organic cheese. You can eat it at home, or you can give it as a gift this Christmas. You are also supporting industries that produce this type of cheese over other industries that are producing unhealthy alternatives. Organic cheese might be a bit expensive compared with other lower quality options, but given all the benefits, you won’t mind spending on it.