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I have developed as a way of showcasing my skills and knowledge of cooking. However, I knew from the very beginning of creating this community that I would very much like this to be the place where anybody with an interest in food can share what they know, thus helping others. This is the place where we can meet to showcase all our passion for cooking!

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Cooking is even better when it is a social event. I’m sure you love discovering new recipes, methods of cooking and new foods as much as I do. If you feel you have an idea that would be of great help to the visitors to this website, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me using the form below to discuss how you could help play a part in this growing website community. I thoroughly encourage all my visitors to consider contributing their words of wisdom towards my blog and, hopefully, together we can encourage all those who view the website to begin creating their own culinary masterpieces!

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Although my background is in computers, I am aware that sometimes my passion for food takes over when I transfer my knowledge and write on this website! Therefore, there may be times when you spot something on this website that you don’t feel should be there, or perhaps needs a bit of altering, or maybe just needs a complete change of direction! Just like creating a meal from scratch, in maintaining a website I could benefit from encouraging help and tips. I am all for learning from any advice or constructive criticism you may have regarding the structure of If I am to make this a website you want to keep on visiting, I would thoroughly appreciate your personal thoughts on its progress.

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With a huge amount of experience in cooking, I have developed a wide portfolio in the food industry. From offering general knowledge, to advising on creative solutions for gatherings and even reviewing restaurants, I am perfectly placed to offer both individuals and businesses further access to my expertise. If you feel you could benefit from utilising my vast expertise, and you wish to employ my services, I am always available to discuss any requests in further detail.

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If you have taken a good look around my website, you will notice that there is a continual display of carefully selected advertisements for all visitors to view and access. The idea for monetizing occurred to me when my small blog began to grow into a big concern, thus attracting a huge amount of monthly traffic to the website. Wanting to continue to be able to go on creating good quality content to all who visited, I realised that monetizing allowed me to generate a small amount of income, which I have been able to plough back into the site to work on continually improving and regularly updating the very site that you see before you.

I am keen to advertise more businesses that can offer all visitors to this website relevant products and services which would enhance their own cooking experiences. If you have a business which you just know would fit this websites profile perfectly, then I urge you to take advantage of the many benefits of showcasing your company on

For all advertising enquires and any other questions, please contact me directly by using the contact form below.