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Buffalo Blue Party Platter

Becky’s Bites began one hungry evening in a bite-sized kitchen in Manhattan. Craving just a bite of New York Cheesecake and getting hangrier and hangrier, Becky whipped up her first batch of– and now signature– chocolate dipped cream cheese bites.

And they were BETTER than cheesecake!

Locking herself up in her test kitchen, Becky has perfected recipes for all different flavored spreads, snack dips and bites all based with cream cheese. Becky’s Bites named top NYC dessert choice by Insider Food and Food & Wine.

While most of her lineup focuses primarily on sweets, Becky, herself, has a “sweet spot” for savory too! With the start of Football season, Becky is sharing her go to Sunday dip. Simple no bake and easy to make!

Buffalo Blue Party Platter


  • 1 LB: Cream Cheese (creamy)
  • 1 Cup: Blue Cheese
  • 1.5 Cups of Buffalo Sauce (Frank’s Red Hot)

Pair with your favorite pretzels or crudité (i.e., celery sticks). Our favorite is Pretzel Crisps (Snack Factory)


Prep: 5 Minutes Cook: 0 Minutes Ready in: 5 Minutes


  • Mix Buffalo Sauce, Cream Cheese and Blue Cheese well
  • Create platter with Buffalo Blue Dip and your choice of pretzel or crudité


Find other of Becky’s popular cream cheese creations at their existing retail East Village/NYC location, and keep on the look-out for Becky’s Bites as they launch their first commercial cream cheese snackpack!