I began with the intentions of it simply being a little side-line, where I could offer a few visitors further guidance on cooking and food in general. However, I had to change my original intentions, quickly formulating a better strategy upon realising that current figures for this website were placing my unique visitor counter at 11,800 plus per month!

Alongside the potential to provide good quality content to all who click on the website, this huge surge of traffic allows me to extend the option for businesses to purchase an advertising package to also benefit from the thousands of potential customers each calendar month. What better way to encourage the growth of this fascinating industry than by partnering customers up with reputable business who have something of value to offer them?

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By studying closely the success of each company who has advertised with my website, I have been able to determine that there are two huge differences between advertising directly online with a website such as mine, as opposed to employing the services of an advertising agency. The first major difference is the cost! If you have never bought advertising space online before, you will be surprised at the low cost of doing so. When you take on advertising space on, you pay only a small fraction of what it costs to use the services of an advertising agency.

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