About Me

For me, the perfect cooking day consists of spending countless hours in the kitchen creating some amazing mouth-watering dishes. Surrounded by an abundance of colours, textures and sensuous aromas, I would then serve my hard-earned creative pieces to my family and friends, watching the delight on their faces as they marvel in my own hand made creations…

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello visitors, my name is Peter Kennell and I want to extend you the warmest of welcomes to my website, the aptly named lastnightsdinnerblog.com. I am a cook with an overwhelming passion for all things food! Using this website, I aim to blog about anything and everything food related, including recipes, eating habits, ingredients and so much more besides.

Though it may surprise people to know, my background is not in the food industry. In fact, I am the proud owner of a University Degree in Computer Engineering, with extensive training in design! Born and raised in the stunning cultural city of San Francisco, I continue to reside here, working by day in computer design, whilst making the transformation into a cook by night!

For those of you who have visited the San Francisco area, you will no doubt know it to be host to quality restaurants and fine dining, complemented by easy access to a thriving port for wonderful sea food of extensive varieties. I believe this enticing location has only fuelled my passion for cooking, and continues to do so as I can access so many good fresh ingredients alongside quality produce.

As a child, I was the boy who stood at his Mothers side in the kitchen, watching in awe as each day she carefully prepared quality fresh home cooked meals for her family. Scrutinising her methods, I began to pick up tips on how she could create such unique sauces and exquisite tasting dishes with just a minimal amount of ingredients. I was hooked from a very early age and convinced myself I would, one day, offer all those around me those same dishes when I finally acquired my own kitchen.

Many years later, with a kitchen to indeed call my own, when I’m not at work I can always be found in the most excessively used room of my home – the kitchen, either creating and cooking or planning my next best dish! The kitchen is my domain, and it is here that I am free to express my creative side, loving what I get to accomplish.

How lastnightsdinnerblog.com Began

I stumbled across the idea of beginning of a website and blogging about my passion for food, through sheer peer pressure! Joking aside, it was a group of friends, attending just one of my many weekly dinner parties, who had been harassing me for some months on sharing my cooking expertise with others. Convinced I had something to offer to anyone looking online for quality recipes and advice on food, they encouraged me to try my hand at blogging about my copious time spent in the kitchen most evenings.

What began as a little side-line, where I would add the odd blog post or two once or twice a week, soon grew to phenomenal proportions as I started to get actual requests for more posts from those who read my blog and found they too could easily recreate my recipes in their own home. Within just a couple of months of the website going live, I soon found myself devoting all my spare time to keeping up with growing visitor demand!

What You Will Find On this website

So, what can you expect to find here at lastnightsdinnerblog.com? Well, I have ensured from the very beginning of creating this area that this is a place for a wide range community to come together and share in the comfort that cooking provides. Food brings people together – whether through a family recipe passed down through the generations, or a newly discovered one created by the love of a new family. It is the passion that goes into the process that I want to enhance for all visitors to this website.

Food should be celebrated; sitting down to eat a meal that you have put your heart and soul into creating should be a moment to ponder. By visiting this website, I want to arm everybody with the knowledge and expertise needed to recreate their favourite foods in their own home, whilst enjoying them with those closest. By providing you with recipes, tips, advice and an abundance of recommendations, I hope you can learn a thing or two about creating your own perfect dish just through visiting my website!

My Hopes for This Blog

With such demand for access to good quality food content, I hope to offer all visitors to lastnightsdinnerblog.com, well-structured and relevant motivational articles and posts on the subject. As this website continues to grow, I hope to be able to encourage all my visitors to take an active part in its development and think about contributing their own ideas to the community.