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7 best dishes in London

There’s a lot of choice in London when it comes to eating out. In fact, you could even argue that there’s too much, and that sometimes it’s near-impossible to decide what you should eat. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, use this guide to some of the best dishes you can find in the whole of the city.

Custard doughnut at St John Maltby

St John Bakery first started selling its famous custard-filled doughnuts at its Druid Street bakery, and the people queued to get their hands on them. We know what you’re thinking – It’s just a boring custard doughnut! – but until you’ve tried them, you simply don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re not sure what it is that makes these ones so special, but it’s probably something to do with the delicious vanilla-infused custard and the way they’re deep-fried to perfection. You can get these doughnuts at either the bakery or St John Maltby, where you can enjoy one with a coffee or glass of champagne. 

‘Veni-moo’ burger at Mac & Wild

We love beef burgers, and there are a lot of great ones in London, but Mac & Wild have changed the game by combining venison and meat from Highland cattle in this wonderful creation. One patty is made from high-quality venison meat, the other from the juiciest beef, and the two come together in a sensational pairing of tastes and textures. Also squeezed into the soft bun is melted cheese, caramelised onions and béarnaise sauce – yum.

Lamb rogan josh shepherd’s pie at Cinnamon Bazaar

Covent Garden’s Cinnamon Bazaar and it’s more grown up Westminster sibling the Cinnamon Club have been coupling Indian cuisine and British favourites for over 15 years now, and it’s no wonder they’re still going strong. This shepherd’s pie is infused with Indian flavours, essentially making it a beautifully cooked lamb rogan josh topped with mashed potato. It’s warming, it’s tasty and it’s fantastically innovative.

Bone marrow varuval at Hoppers

Sri Lankan street food venue Hoppers has taken the trendiest new ingredient and made it its own with this spicy, flavourful dish from its starters section. The roasted calf bones are coated in a mouth-watering curry sauce and the fluffy, buttery roti that comes along with it is the perfect accompaniment.

Coconut cream pie at Jacob the Angel

Jacob the Angel is a small coffee shop in Neal’s Yard at Covent Garden, but it’s built quite the reputation due to this particular offering on the menu. The coconut cream pie is a miniature pastry with coconut throughout, topped with the lightest of meringues. It’s unlike any other pastry treat we’ve sampled and is simply gorgeous. They only make thirty of these each day and unsurprisingly, they run out quickly. 

Cauliflower shawarma at Berber & Q

We never thought such a delicious dish could be created from cauliflower, but we’re glad to have been proven wrong. Barbecue restaurant Berber & Q in Haggerston parboil a whole head of cauliflower before coating it in their special Levantine butter, which includes an impressive 20 ingredients. It’s then flame-grilled and sprinkled with pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, rose petals and molasses. This dish transforms cauliflower into something you can’t wait to dig into. 

Blackmore Wagyu grade-9++ sirloin at M Victoria Street

It can feel a little risky to order one of the more expensive steaks on the menu at a grill restaurant, but at M it’s worth every penny – we promise you. M know their steaks, and they know them inside out. This means they know where to source their beef and how to age it in-house for the best flavour; they know how to make the best cuts for that glorious soft texture and juiciness; and they know how to cook them to perfection, too. Wagyu beef is highly sought after and has such a high unsaturated-fat content it can even melt in your hand – which is why you have to try it. This delicious soft steak from Australia is the best we’ve had.

If you want to visit M Victoria Street and sample the best steak menu in London, make a reservation at today.