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5 Special Occasions Where a Hog Roast is the Perfect Catering Option

Hiring a professional hog roast company is the ideal solution for catering special occasions. Whether you choose to have the catering company do the roasting and serving, or you go with the option to hire the equipment and do the roasting yourself, a hog roast means tasty food that’s easy to serve and cost effective for groups of all sizes.


A casual wedding requires a fun and easy menu. A hog roast catering company can do all the work so your wedding guests can have an experience like no other. Staff provided by The Roasting Pig Hog Roast company can ensure your wedding celebration has excellent food service throughout your celebration.

Birthday Parties

A hog roast can complete a birthday celebration for any age and any party size. The roast can include a variety of tasty sides to accompany the meat. A birthday celebration can be a fun way to DIY your hog roast using the catering company’s food and equipment.

Corporate Events

Choosing a catering service for corporate events can be challenging as you’re often feeding a large crowd on a budget. The ideal solution is a full-service hog roast. There are different packages to choose from so you can choose according to the size of your organization. Plus, the full-service option includes waitstaff so you can focus on the event.


A solemn occasion requires catering that doesn’t interfere with family togetherness. A hog roast can work well in this type of situation because you can let the catering company take care of all the work. This allows the family to spend time together without worrying about the food.

Christenings and Other Family Get-Togethers

When it comes to choosing food for a family occasion, it’s important to get something that can please a crowd. A hog roast provides both food and entertainment. Family celebrations can be a fun time to try the do-it-yourself hog roast where the equipment and food is supplied so you can experience the roasting process with your family and friends.

A hog roast can be the perfect way to supply a plentiful amount of food for many occasions. Most hog roast companies offer the option for you to hire the equipment so you can have the full hog roasting experience. For those occasions where you want to relax and let others take care of the work, you can choose to hire the company to do the roasting and preparing of the sides. Both options allow you to feed a large group in an economical way.