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5 basic rules to care for your pots and pans that we take for granted

There are several things we give less attention to as a person. One of these is, in the way we use our pots and pans.

Cookware is one of the essential kitchen utensils you must have as a chef. Having them is one thing, and taking care of them is another thing.

Do pots and pans have their rules too? Oh! Sure they do.

I’m going to highlight and explain in details all these rules guiding the healthy life of your pots and pans. Although, most people tend to be guilty of this because they don’t think it’s worth the time and effort without considering the effect it will have on these items.

Are you one of those people? There is surely only one way to find out, and that’s reading more.

1. Using the right cookware

Yes! This is the first rule that guides the existence of this cookware. Having the right cookware for the right job in the right place is a perfect fit which will not only bring out the best of the cookware but also increase its lifespan.

Therefore, when choosing the kind of cookware you want to use, ensure it is the perfect cookware for other kitchen appliances. The two major determinants of choosing the suitable cookware are in the type of burner you use and your family size.

2. Using the right cleaning method

You can use your high-quality pots and pans the normal way you intend. But you must clean them properly too.

What then is the right cleaning method? It’s called manual washing. Do not place your pots and pans in a dishwasher because that comes with a high risk of getting it to rust within a short period. The best method to use is using sudsy water and a stiff scrubby brush.

3. Having different pots and pans for a different purpose

Not all pots and pans are created equal. You can’t use one piece for all your cooking needs.

This isn’t good for both you and these items. Having a designated role for each of this cookware is the perfect thing to do else, you will cause a lot of damage, and this will certainly affect you since you’ll incur some unnecessary cost when buying a new one.

No matter the size of your family, always have a specific purpose(s) for each cookware. Stop the idea of using a pot for cooking soup, frying, boiling, and making popcorn.

4. Correct storage

One common mistake among people is stacking their pots and pans on top of each other. Stacking them together can get both items to get rusty within a short period. Hence, you might want to consider hanging them; this will not only keep the cookware at their but can also beautify your kitchen.

Getting a cool place to place your hanger and hand the items will be your best bet to increase the life of your cookware and make it healthier.

5. Avoid using metallic tools

Metallic tools have a high disadvantage on your cookware compare to its advantages. They tend to make your cookware get rust within a short period and also ruin the protective coating.

A tool made of silicone or wood is always the best stirring tools for your cookware since they pose no risk or threat to the existence and the healthy life of your pots and pans.

Final Word

Have you been following these rules? If yes, a thumbs up to you for a job well done and continue in the act. And if it’s a no, it’s never too late to start. Be determined to follow these rules, though it’s not going to be easy at first, with time; you will get used to doing it.

Now is the time to get into action, and follow that rules that make your pots and pans look shiner, fresher and healthier. The right cookware, coupled with the right guides makes your cooking easier, and your food tastes better.