Eat! Bruno Loubet’s gourmet vegetarian feast

When Bruno Loubet told fellow chefs about his plans for a new restaurant four years ago, they thought he was mad. There was the location, on a building site amid the run-down goods sheds of King’s Cross in London. Then there was the concept, with a menu that, if not entirely vegetarian, would relegate meat to a bit player on the plate. If there was one certainty, it was that upmarket vegetarian restaurants didn’t make money. Continue reading “Eat! Bruno Loubet’s gourmet vegetarian feast”

Ooh la la. Meet France’s new movers and cocktail shakers

Here’s the thing about bars: most of them aren’t that great. It remains woefully difficult to find a good glass of wine or a decent cocktail, and many people spend more time than they should drinking average booze in uncongenial places. Clearly, we need assistance, but it’s pretty galling that the people giving it turn out to be French. The hottest bars around right now are owned by no fewer than four of them, French men on a mission to teach us not how to drink more — God knows we can already do that — but how to drink better. Continue reading “Ooh la la. Meet France’s new movers and cocktail shakers”