Dinner tonight: avocado niçoise with crab (or tuna)

Here’s a lovely salad for a balmy evening, a good mix of textures, colours and flavours. It’s based on salade niçoise but goes off-piste with hard-boiled eggs, mayo-based vinaigrette and avocado. A generous finale of freshly picked white crab meat or canned white (albacore) tuna, turns the salad into a generous starter or light meal with a few boiled new potatoes. Continue reading “Dinner tonight: avocado niçoise with crab (or tuna)”

Moroccan orange salad with creamed rice

Moroccan orange salad is a lovely, quick pudding, perfect at this time of the year when sweet oranges are plentiful. Traditionally it’s flavoured with orange blossom water and a few mint leaves to refresh the palate, but it might also be garnished with chopped dates or pomegranate seeds, always with a dusting of cinnamon. Slicing the flesh out of its segments is more work than the usual chunky slices but looks stunning and is easier to eat (no annoying pithy bits). Serve alone, with creamy yoghurt or luxe out with canned rice pudding. Continue reading “Moroccan orange salad with creamed rice”