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Recipe – Veggie Burgers

Using just a few ingredients, you can easily make this tasty veggie burger. Pre-cook the burgers, if you wish to barbecue them, and warm them over the coals. This is done so that the burgers don’t stick to the grilling rack.

Recipe – Vegetarian Lasagne

The lasagne is a very well put together and an extremely tasty dish. It may take about 1 hour 30 minutes (preparation time 50 minutes and cooking time 40 minutes) to make the vegetarian lasgne, but it is definitely worth the

Recipe – Vegetable Curry Using Carrots, Tomatoes And Peas

This easy-to-make vegetable curry is a great dish that you can have during winter time. You can also add cauliflower as well as turnips if you want. You can remove the water if you want to have it dry. Preparation time:

Recipe – Roast Root Vegetables

You can make use of this recipe as a simple guide to roast single vegetables including potatoes, parsnips, etc. Alternatively, you can also prepare dishes using mixed roots. This dish can be served along with roast meat or poultry. They also

Recipe – Raspberry And Peach Pavlova

The pavlova is a wonderful summer dessert. It is made using raspberries, sweet peaches and lime cream. Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 2 hours Serves: 6 to 8 people Ingredients For meringue Whites of 6 large eggs White wine vinegar:

Recipe – Orient Express

oriental express
This healthy and tasty dish can be prepared quickly. The midweek supper dish is made using chicken, vegetables and spicy sauce. You can use any meat or fish that is cooked in the same manner instead of chicken. It can even

Recipe – Oreo Trifles

Recipe – Oreo Trifles
This is the ultimate cheat dessert. It is made using Oreos, chocolate custard, cherries as well as cream. They are layered in order to make mini trifles. It takes about 20 minute to mix the ingredients, but it can be cooked

Recipe – Chocolate Pancake Sandwich

All you need to do to prepare this delicious dish is to make pancakes and sandwich them with chocolate pieces layered in between. A delicious sauce is created by the melting chocolate. A biscuit cutter can be used and various shapes

Recipe – Banoffee mess

Banoffee mess is a generous mix of shortcakes, meringues, banana, and bourbon caramel sauce. Preparation time: 1 hour (add 2 hours for chilling) Cooking time: 1 hour 15 minutes Serves: 4 people Ingredients Bourbon caramel sauce Milk chocolate: 100 grams Unsalted

Recipe – Banana Muffins

Banana muffins are a healthy snack that you can give to your children when they come back from school. They freeze well and are quite easy to prepare too. Therefore, you can make tasty banana muffins instead of wasting the brown